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"I had a great time learning Spanish at Academia Surpacifico! The teachers were all very friendly and made the lessons fun and interesting..."

"Hallo, I am Christine from Munich, Germany! I have visited the Academia Surpacifico..."

"I loved my time here. I had a very enriching learning experience at the hospital. Everyone wanted to make sure I was comfortable and they taught me a lot of things..."

"I spent two weeks at surpacifico and i would highly recommend it. Our teaching was very good and at a good pace..."

"I learned Spanish at the Academia de Español Surpacifico. At that time the school was located in Bahia the Caraquez..."

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Is your school accredited by the Ministry of Education and supported by a university so that I could transfer credits back to my university in the USA?
Yes, Academia Surpacifico is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador.Students who wish to receive credit for our programs should contact the study abroad office or foreign language department at your college or university prior to starting the program. Ask them for detailed requirements on how to arrange credit and present your plan to them in advance. With the detailed information from your institution, we can typically provide all documentation to complete arrangements.

Are you an accredited school?
Yes, we are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, and we also have the "Bildungsurlaub" recognition for German students.

For how long have you been working?
In Quito since 2000 and in the province of Manabi (Manta) since 1996.

Are there broadband internet cafes close to the school? I use the Internet to teach online college classes, and it is crucial that I have high-speed access, especially if I will be spending six hours a day studying Spanish.
In the area of Academia Surpacifico in Manta there are many internet cafes where you can have high speed access. In our school in Quito we have a computer for the use of our students, so you can have 2 hours for free weekly, but there are also internet cafes within close proximity of the school.

What is distance from school to beach/surfing site?
10 minutes walking distance

When is your busiest time of year? When is your least busy?
Our busiest time is from January to March and from June to October. Our less busy months are November and December.

What is the maximum number of students you have at the school at any one time?
We receive a maximum 20 students at any on time.

If I leave to travel after my classes end at the end of my month, will there be a place to store some of my stuff until I return? Even if I no longer have my apartment?
Yes, you can store the things you will not use during your trip in a secure storage space at the school. The student’s apartment is located in the same building as the school.

What is the average number of students enrolled at your school, and what countries do your students generally come from?
Certain times of the year are busier than others. January, February, June, July, and August tend to be our busiest months. During these months, we usually have about 15-20 students. In the slower months, the number of students drops down to 5-10. Students come from all over the world to study at Surpacifico. The countries from which we tend to get the most participants are Germany, Holland, United States, Switzerland, England, and Canada.

Can you be more specific regarding the diversity of participants in the Sur Pacifico program?
20 % German students, 20% from USA, 10 % from Canada, 10% from Switzerland, 10% England, 30% other.

Do the students have access to internet at the school itself?
In our school in Quito every student has 2 hours per week of internet service. In Manta we cannot offer internet access for the students, but there are several cyber cafes in the area of the school, that charge one dollar per hour for internet use.

How would you describe the school facility?
As you probably know Surpacifico School offers students the option of studying in Quito or Manta. The facility in Quito is located in a big house. The house is surrounded by flowers and gardens. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly. The classrooms are large and very accommodating. The school is located in Quito's central area, and is near most of the principle attractions.
Manta's school is located on the third floor of a building only blocks from Murcielago Beach, the city's main beach, as well as the downtown area. The top floor is used as student residence, offered only to students studying at Surpacifico. The school (and apartment) has a big balcony that looks out to the heart of the city. There are classrooms for individual lessons, as well as group classes.
Both schools are located in very safe areas of their respective cities. If you choose to live with a family, you will be placed within walking distance of the school.

First, how long after applying does it usually take to be accepted to your school?
We will send you a confirmation letter for participation in Surpacifico within 48 hours of receiving your application.


Is it possible to pay for some of the trips you guys take individually, instead of doing the entire schedule?
Yes, you can take some of the trips that the school organizes. We organize different activities for the students every week, you only pay for the transportation, entrance fees, etc. Surpacifico charges no fees for the scheduling and organizing of such activities.

Can I extend my classes once I get there if I like it?
Yes, you can extend your classes once you get here if you like it.

I would like to take a 4 week course, perhaps 4 hours a day. Would I need to arrive with a group if I want to take some group lessons? If not, I can only take one-on-one classes, right?
Yes, if you want to take group lessons you need to have at least one more person. In your case, your only choice would be the individual Spanish instruction.

I studied for six months in Chile, but I am far from fluent. I was wondering what class I should take. I don't mind group classes if there will be others at my level. I just want the basic classes, without activities or anything special. I plan on studying for 4 hours each morning.
We only can offer you individual Spanish instruction. We offer group lessons for groups of friends or couples coming together with the same level of Spanish and the same dates.
In your case we will give you a placement test to decide which level is appropriate for you.

For a teenager like my son, would you recommend Manta, Quito, or some time at each school?
We believe that it could be a good idea to split time between the two locations. Experiencing different cultures and meet different people can prove to be interesting and worthwhile. There are great ethnic and cultural differences between the costal and highland regions, where the Manta and Quito schools are located (respectively).

There are some bank holidays in my stay. I don't think that there will be lessons on these days, but are they in the week before/after?
Yes, the Spanish lessons that you would miss for holidays can be taken in the week before/after.

Does your program mostly attracts university students?
Our program has had students of ages 20-70. Like most other programs, there is a general attraction for people in there 20s and 30s to study abroad, and thus there are usually more students of that age group. However, things vary pretty much from one period of the year to another. I am certain that you will feel comfortable in our academic atmosphere.

How many students are part of the program in a given month?
We have between 20 to 30 students in Manta in a given month, and between 30 to 40 students in Quito.

I am 52 years old and a novice Spanish speaker. I will be traveling with a friend who would like to attend the same school. However, my friend is a much more proficient Spanish speaker so we would need to be placed in different groups. I would like to experience both group and private lessons for a 3 week stay.
We could offer you group Spanish lessons only for those in your group who have the same level of Spanish. In your case you would need to take individual Spanish instruction.
We can also offer for you the Activo program, which includes individual Spanish instruction during the morning (4 hours) and cultural activities during the afternoon (3 hours). During the afternoons you would do the activities together with your teachers. This Activa program would cost $ 322 USD weekly (included the accommodation with a host family: private room, all meals and laundry service). This price would also include all the expenses during the activities.

How much do the course books cost?
All the material that you will use in class is included on the price: use of grammar books, use of exercise books, all the copies that you would need, paper, etc. But you can also buy the Spanish and grammar books, of which there are two, and each one costs US$ 15.