Our Students

Una semana en la selva

A few months ago, I signed up for the travelling classroom including the new option of a week in the jungle. I thought it was going to be good, but I couldn´t imagine it would be this good. First of all, the cabañas are beautiful : they are brand new, made out of organic wood and you basically sleep outside because the biggest part of the walls are made of netting. There are barrely other tourists, what really gives you the feeling of ´being away´. The classes are good and the excursions, which take place after class, are just amazing. In only one week I have made two trekkings through the jungle, I have seen an animal rescue center, I learned how to use Quichea weapons and got to know their traditions, I went intertubing and jumped out of a huge tree into River Napo. It was probably the best week of my life and that is why I´m going back to the jungle for a month! I highly recommend this to every other student who would like to be ´away´ for once and who appreciates nature. No doubt that you will have the time of your life as well!

Merel Luijendijk

Accomodation Manta

Comfortable accommodations are a key component of an effective study abroad program. With the goal of providing a variety of options for our students’ needs, we offer two possibilities for housing:
1) Family home-stays
2) Student’s apartments

Home stay

The extraordinary cultural warmth of the Ecuadorians will make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. They will welcome you as a part of the family, even if you only stay for one week. With the home-stay option, students are provided: a private bedroom inside the house of the family, two meals (breakfast, and dinner), and most important: participation in the family life, having the opportunity to consistently practice the vocabulary and grammar learned in class.

Student’s Apartment

The school has fully furnished apartments with nice bedrooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms (with hot water). The common area gives a lot of space with the new kitchen facilities, a big table, TV, sofa etc. and it will make you feel very comfortable from the first minute. All the students have access to the school’s pool and the Wi-Fi.

Our new building is placed in a very friendly and safe area and it is an excellent choice for students who want more independence.

Meals and laundry service are not included.